Course curriculum

    1. What is Mindfulness?

    2. Understanding meditation

    3. The Automatic Pilot

    4. Neuroscience & Neuroplasticity - changing the brain

    5. Guidelines for Mindful listening

    6. Mindful Eating

    7. Tips for Practising the Body Scan

    1. What to do this week

    2. Guided Body Scan

    3. Every day Activity Awareness

    1. Introduction to Breath Awareness

    2. Healthy Breathing

    3. Triggers & Reactions

    4. Helping Factors

    5. Understand your Nervous System

    6. Nervous System & Polyvagal

    7. How we get Stuck

    8. Dealing with Obstacles

    1. Session 2 - Homework

    2. 10 min Guided Breath Meditation

    1. The Power of your Breath

    2. The Reticular Activation System

    3. Working with the Breath

    4. Emotional Intelligence

    5. The Body in Motion - Mindful Walking

    6. Mindful Walking

About this course

  • €333,00
  • 76 lessons
  • 1.5 hours of video content

Transform your Life

A life-changing exploration that enhances your senses and enriches your life!

About Lydia

I believe we are all beautiful deep down, holding treasures that the world needs us to reveal. If only, we could see ourselves. It was by honoring my deepest heart desires, facing my fears and insecurities, looking at my shadows, and healing deep-rooted trauma, that I took my power back. Gaining self-confidence, clarity, and massive self-worth! Therapy, and the teachings of yoga, mindfulness & meditation helped me battle anxiety and depression, stop emotional eating, and become more accepting and loving towards myself. I am dedicated to igniting that spark in you, that spark that keeps you motivated to take good care of yourself and to become truly happy with who you are. 

What other People Say


  • Lee - CEO

    Truly, A very big, Thank you very very much for everything and I will miss our “almost” weekly near life saving sessions immensely... You may not realise it, but your gift was received by me at the perfect time. With so much stress and change in the horizon you aided me in navigating a path forward with more clarity and ensured it is a path I wish to travel. Not only that, but I have managed to slow down the “noise” to a point where I can actually take a step back and savor the wonderful life I live and blessed family I have.

  • Nicola - Entrepeneur

    What I needed was to find my way back home to me and I knew I could trust Lydia in this process. You go deeper than you think and I found beautiful things about myself. You can discover what really is within you that might have been lost at some time. It’s truly amazing what can come out of you in the end.

  • Laila - Retired GP

    To do the course as a couple was really useful. It helped our awareness, understanding, and acceptance of each other but also helped us to connect in a renewed way. Your attentiveness, warmth, understanding, and knowledge were very impressive. I left feeling inspired and ready to face the next chapter of our lives with excitement and renewed energy.

How it goes

This is how we proceed with the course once you sign up!

  • Once you sign up you get full access to the course material.

  • The material will be accessible through any regular web browser.

  • The course includes videos, guided meditations, texts, and assignments.

  • You get plenty of time to complete the course, we however recommend to finish the course in 8-weeks to experience the transformation.

  • The weekly sessions can be done in-person in Marbella, and online with zoom.

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